Thursday, May 7, 2009

We continue to be busy at the office

Sorry, I can't remember the last time I emailed. I need to either pick a specific day or write it down. But this week is already scheduled out as well as the first of next week. So it is tonight or not for a week.

We continue to be busy at the office. There is always something that needs doing. We can get distracted during the day when missionaries drop by but they are so much fun to talk with and they always seem to need something from the commisary. So it is a fun kind of distraction. We were so busy today we forgot to take the mail the the postman. We take it to the Banyan Tree Apartments (where we live) to the postman while he is dropping of the mail there. It is a good thing we didn't have many packages or letters. So he can get it in the morning when he brings us our mail.

Last Monday evening we were invited to the home of the Bishop of the Moana Ward, one of the three wards that meet in the Tabernacle. Bishop Mata'ele and his wife (she was a regular on the Hawaii 5 0 television series) invite missionaries, converts, and investigators to their home high on the hill for dinner and family home evening every fourth Monday. There were probably thirty people there to view the sunset and eat. The sunset was beautiful. They had a huge amount of food and quite a variety. I even ate sushi. It was ok, I will probably try it again while we are here. There was some interesting looking food that neither of us dared try.

At the dinner there was a Iranian couple with their two children. The wife was baptized last Saturday, her husband joined the church a year ago. After he joined the church, they met his family in Thailand since he can't go home to Iran now. His parents have moved to Thailand and are investigating the church. The couple realize that they are marked people and could be killed if the wrong people know they have left the Islamic faith. He asked me if I could find out what literature the church has written in Farsi other than the Book of Mormon. I called distribution in SLC and found there are four pamphlets in Farsi. He called me today and I gave him the info and the telephone number for distribution. He wants to ship the pamphlets to family and friends in Thailand.

We are having the Elder Ngatuvia and Elder Woodland, the assistants to President Peterson, to dinner tomorrow after work. Seems there are always hungry missionaries around. At least, hungry young missionaries. Both of us find everyone want to feed us and since we are sitting doing office work, we don't really need to eat that much. But when you are invited, you don't refuse. I finally made it to the gym next door. The owner lets the missionary work out free so I used the treadmill last night. It felt good to be exercising again.

We think it is our turn to host Sunday dinner for the couple missionaries, although the Dahls are in Maui right now so we won't know until Friday for sure. If we do, Grandpa will do his spaghetti and meatballs.

Friday is the day that the contractor is suppose to replace our bathroom cabinet and fix our kitchen sink. i hope it happens and that the cabinet fits and doesn't leave gaps and spaces for uninvited. unwelcomed four-legged creatures to visit. Never know here. I have a better understanding for how hard it is to maintain any building or furniture here. The humid weather damages everything.

Last Sunday evening we went to the airport to meet Jeri and Abby flying back from Utah. It was fun to go there to greet someone. It was good to see Abby and will look forward to seeing more of her this summer while she is home.

The weather here is just right for us. We are enjoying the warm weather. Understand you all had snow and cold weather last week. Sorry about that. We are not missing the snow at all.

Take care, hope everyone is well and happy. We do miss everyone and can't believe we are closing out our eighth week in a few days.

Love, Elder and Sister Fowler

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