Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Missionaries Learning Their Responsibilities

We both went to the office today and we like it. They sent us home about 3:30 saying that Elder Fowler needed a nap. He does get really tired easily but is keeping food down so that is good. We will try to get an appointment with a Dr. in Kailua tomorrow to have his kidney checked.

The office had a lunch for us and the Kellys today. It was pizza and Dad only had two small slices but that is better than none.

The training is ok, Sister Kelly is confusing me but I hope it all comes together before she leaves. We haven't seen the apartment yet. We can't move in until the 3rd. We will be with Jeri and Scott until then. Or actually,Jeri since Scott leaves for SLC next week.

We are doing ok really.

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