Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is Mom and Dad's first e-mail from the MTC.

Everything is ok here. The lessons and activities are great. It is starting to warm up a bit so walking from our room to the classrooms is beginning to be more fun. We had a great Devotional Tuesday evening and got front row seats. The sister sitting next to me is from Jeri's ward and is headed to Cleveland, Ohio. Small world, huh?

We had dinner with Kate Tuesday evening also. Oh, and the General Authority who spoke was from the first quorum of the seventies Hamelu. We were able to speak to him and his wife as we left.

Saturday we will go to the temple with Kate. The best part of the MTC so far is the teaching investigators, also the hardest. last night your mom and I went to the Gym and walked and worked out a little. We miss everyone and are looking forward to next week when we start learning the office computer programs. We ate with a few elders this evening and had some good conversations. That's all for now, give everyone a hug.

Love, Mom and Dad

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