Thursday, May 7, 2009

All Is Well

We got here safe and sound, then Dad got really, really sick. He finally agreed to go to the hospital at 4am Saturday morning. The doctors decided that he had a bug, was dehydrated, and found a spot of pneumonia beginning in his lungs. They pumped him full of liquid and medicine and sent us home about 10 am. He spent the day in bed but is absolutely fine this morning. So all is well.

I talked to President Peterson and told him and asked if we could wait until Monday to see a doctor in Honolulu for a follow up and he said that was fine but to call him earlier if needed.

The doctors at Castle Hospital just want Dad to see another doctor to ensure the pneumonia is disappearing. We are sure it is. Dad will be on medicine for a couple of weeks but he is up to day and eating so I think there is nothing to worry about.

Thanks so much for coming to the airport. We loved seeing you and visiting while we could.

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