Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Fourth Week

To all--

We are starting on our fourth week. Last week was tough trying to learn the way the Mission Office does all of the work. Between us we are handling the finances for the mission, finding new housing for the missionaires, mail to the missionaires (it all comes to the office and then we forward it out to the missionaries), updating the referral file, inputing convert baptism records, ordering and dispersing all church material for the missionaries plus some other odds and ends. Once we are comfortable with what is now assigned, we think President Peterson has some new computer reports he wants us to do. Also, we will probably be taking over the missionary transfers and helping with missionary training. Plenty for us to do.

We hadn't had a chance to see the ocean all week so Friday evening we took the freeway East until it turns into a two-lane road and drove into Kailua that way (past the blow-hole for those of you who know where it is.) We have gone to and from Honolulu over the Pali all the other times and while it is a beautiful sight, we wanted a look at the ocean. It gets dark so early here that we didn't get to see much but there will always be another weekend.

I did find Sees Candy at the Ala Moana Mall so will be going there next week to get some Easter Candy. Have already found the Barnes & Noble at the mall. The mall is so much larger than the last time we were here in Hawaii. We ate dinner at the food court and visited with a Japanese couple and their 4-year old son here for five days on vacation. They are sending their son to an "English" only school in Japan and encouraged us to talk to him to help him improve his English. They were interested in us being missionaries and were really impressed when we told them our daughter had served in Japan.

The Kellys will be flying to Oregon on the midnight flight out of Honolulu Thursday evening so we will start to move into our apartment on Friday. Jeri and Scott have welcomed us and won't let us do any cooking or cleaning. So it will be a shock when I have to start cooking and cleaning again. We are looking forward to being in our own place though. It will be fun to be able to walk to the mission home, go back to the apartment for lunch, etc.

Will update everyone next week.

Love, the Fowlers

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