Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our First Week In The Provo MTC

To all--

We survived the first week at the MTC. A full week of learning and sitting although we have made it to the gym twice. Tomorrow morning we will go to the Provo Temple with Kate. She is picking us up at 9 am. We leave next Friday around noon and have a direct flight to Honolulu. We have contacted the Mission President and he will pick us up, take us the the office to introduce us, take us to dinner, and give us the keys to a car so we can drive to the Whitings. We then will have the weekend with the Whitings and report the next Monday morning.

At last there was a great meal--Friday is Poppa John pizza night and it was great, kinda of sorry we won't be here next Friday. But we will still be here on Wednesday when the big treat is ice cream from BYU's creamery.

So far, the best experience we have had was when as a group we went to the Call Center at the MTC and answered calls from people who have seen TV commercials offering DVDs, the Bible, and the Book of Mormon. I received two calls, one from a gentleman who wanted a Bible written in Hindu which no one knew if we had or not. So I gave him the toll free number of the distribution center to call to see if such a Bible is available. The other call was from a woman who wanted to return a DVD, but it wasn't one from the LDS Church so I couldn't help her.

I will let Ed write you about his Call Center experience.
One call came from a man calling for his friend. I was able to get the friend's address and send out a Book of Mormon and a DVD to his friend. The other call was from a man who thought we were the 7th day adventist. I explained who we were and he became interested. i was able to tell him about the Book of Mormon and we discussed the temples he has seen. In the end he promised to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Then he will call again for a missionary to come visit.

Attached are two pictures. The one is easy enough for you to figure out. The other picture is the entire group we have been with all week. In the second row up is a sister with a maroon sweater on. We found out at lunch one day that we are related. Her name is Linda Eversole from Bountiful. Her great-grandfather is Joel Campbell who is a brother to my great-grandmother, Mercy Miranda Campbell. What a small world.

Talk to all of you next week.

Love, Elder and Sister Fowler

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